... Oct 13th, 2023 ... San Jose, CA

Arastu Systems, a Software Solution and Services company, achieves operational enhancement for an FMCG Industrial Manufacturer by enabling Remote Condition Monitoring. The Fortune500 company faced significant challenges with overheating issues within their Cold Storage and Electric Panel Devices, resulting in multiple Power Dripping episodes across their plant.

To address the challenge, Arastu Systems team of software and embedded experts helped design a robust hardware and software gateway solution named Plant IoT. It supported some key features such as Real-Time Monitoring, Alert Notifications, Secured Login, Cloud Authentication, which enabled the people on the floor to monitor and assess the situation in real-time daily. The customized solution helped the customer increase their cold storage’s temperature stability, reduce maintenance frequency, and minimize power failures.

“Our partnership with Arastu Systems has been truly transformative. They've not only resolved critical issues but have revolutionized the way we operate”.

“This success story highlights the incredible potential of technology and our collaboration with Arastu Systems as a testament to innovation's power to drive positive change in our industry. We're excited to continue this journey of transformation together.”.

Vice President, Digital Manufacturing, Fortune500 F&B Manufacturer

About Arastu Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Arastu Systems is a Software Solution and Services company helping customers with end-to-end Embedded and Application Software Services. Additionally, the company also provides Solutions catering to diverse industries such as Industrial Manufacturing, Test & Measurement, Logistics, Healthcare and more. Arastu Systems is headquartered at San Jose, California and have Design house at Ahmedabad, India.

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