... July 3rd, 2019 ... Santa Clara, California

A New York based Clinical Laboratory adopts Arastu Systems JustTrackers Platform, a solution specifically designed for a clinical laboratory’s operational enhancement. JustTrackers is an IoT based web and mobile platform, which is extremely user-friendly and can be easily customized as per the application needs.

The Clinical Laboratory faced many operational challenges such as tracking Specimen Collections, excessive paperwork as their initial approach had been a manual one, poor resource utilization due to changing schedules for Specimen Pick-Ups, to name a few. Leveraging Arastu Systems JustTrackers solution, the laboratory was able to largely increase their operational efficiency.

JustTrackers allowed the laboratory to schedule pick-up’s using a Web-based Dashboard. The Fleet drivers were notified regarding their daily pick-up schedules on a real-time basis, using JustTrackers Mobile based Application. It also provided Smart Notification, which allowed the administration to monitor the progress in real-time, privileging them to reschedule “On-the-Go”, when necessary. As the entire process was digital it led to minimal paperwork. Additionally, JustTrackers Intelligent Analytics helped the management to improvise Patient’s Report Delivery Cycle.

“Clinical Laboratory is just one application for JustTrackers, Arastu’s team has designed the solution with unique approach, such that it can be customized to solve operational challenges in multiple industries. The solution is available on Android and Apple stores as well, allowing one to start using with minimal set-up”.

Sharmil Dave, Head of Software Engineering, Arastu Systems

Arastu Systems also provides a Free #30 Day Trial Version for customers to further explore. To avail, please connect with us at, marcom@arastusystems.com.

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