... September 6th, 2018 ... Ahmedabad, India

A key challenge faced by companies in the Manufacturing Industry is increased duration for machine stoppage and downtime, which further affects production line efficiency. Arastu Systems, a product engineering, company today announced assisting a Fortune 500 Food and Beverage Manufacturer increase their production line efficiency with the help of their PlantOI solution.

PlantOI is a cloud based Industrial IoT (IIoT) Operational Intelligence solution developed by Arastu Systems to assist manufacturers increase plant efficiency and reduce OPEX. It offers live plant Dashboard for geographically diverse site, Mobile Apps for Plant Manager and Line Operator, Digital Production Logbook and Scientific Decision-Making Analytics.

The Customer faced a major challenge capturing Breakdown and Stoppage information in an event of Downtime. Arastu Systems leveraged PlantOI’s three key components, i.e. PlantOD – Live Production Dashboard, PlantMI – Mobile App for plant manager and PlandLB – Digital Production Logbook to help optimized Customer’s production process. After deployment of Arastu’s Solution, the Customer were able to achieve reduction in Electrical and Mechanical Downtime by 25%, increase accuracy for Breakdown and Stoppage information which led to enhanced operational and resource utilization.

“The most important thing is that we now know what is wrong with the line. Thanks to automatic recording of stoppages, we know their reasons and how to prevent it.”

Factory Manager, Fortune 500 F&B Manufacturer

“It is imperative for F&B Manufacturers to increase production efficiency without impacting the quality. Using our IIoT solutions, we assure that companies easily attain their sustainability goals and maintain a competitive advantage”.

Sharmil Dave, Head of Software Engineering at Arastu Systems

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... Harsh Parikh, Head of Marketing