... February 28th, 2019 ... Ahmedabad, India

Arastu Systems, a product engineering company, today announces the successful deployment of their application specific software product, “JustTrackers”, an online real time platform which assists Small and Medium sized organizations to track, manage resources & assets.

A Gujarat based Infrastructure development firm faced significant challenges in processing their employees records and tracking Fuel consumption. On an average day, customer’s resources were required physical presence for leave application and specify their attendance using a manual application form. Employee salaries were processed as per the collected information. Fuel consumption was also monitored using manual entry based register approach on daily basis. Such an approach let to inefficiency in resource or asset tracking, utilization and optimization as well. Also, having their operational facilities and projects, spanning allover India, Customer had difficulty in keeping an accurate track of their resource and asset pool, which further delayed project implementation.

Using Just Trackers, Arastu Systems team helped the Customer manage digital data for their resources and optimize their work and resource plan. Justtrackers provides a Web and Mobile based User Interface, which allows the end users to maintain an operational flexibility. The web-based dashboard allows users to provide access rights to each employee, based on their nature of work. Mobile Application further gives employees the privilege to apply leave remotely and manage attendance sign-in, using Justtrackers QRCode based ID. Unlike, Biometric systems, the QRCode based solution is easy to setup and incurs reduced operational cost. The data collected online resulted in quicker processing of salaries which further enhanced employee satisfaction.

Leveraging a similar approach Arastu Systems customized their Justtrackers Platform to provide customer with efficient Fuel Management and Tracking. Optimized resource and asset utilization served to be of a great value, as it increased revenue and protected the environment as well. Additionally, Justtrackers also helped Customer generate intelligent analytics, based on their requirement, enabling them to further improve their efforts. Justtrackers Mobile applications is designed to be extremely user friendly and can be easily downloaded from Android Play Store. Industries such as Logistics & Storage, Food and Beverages, Goods Transportation, Industrial etc. can also leverage Arastu Systems Justtrackers solution to optimize their operations.

“Arastu’s Mobile based tracking has effectuated immense accuracy and productivity in our work, unlike previously utilized challenging Biometric based system. Thanks to the Justtrackers team for assisting us with a user-friendly integrated solution, they have availed our staff with a privilege to receive timely reports and manage resources better”.

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