Problem Statement

The customer wanted to create a platform for end users in the UK, providing them with convenient access to book or rent vehicles such as luxury cars and vanity vans.

Their primary goal was to target the travel mindset in the country, encouraging longer-duration and comfortable travel experiences.

Enabled Safe & Comfortable Travel Experience
Protected the Interests of Vehicle Owners
Ensured Fair Rental Process
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Software Services to develop the platform using Dot Net Core and Blazer Framework 
  • Azure deployable solution for seamless scalability and performance
  • Incorporated detailed vehicle information including utilities, comfort features, and security measures for renting luxury cars, vanity vans, etc.
  • Implemented a privilege system that allows users to book vehicles based on their vacation requirements.
  • Plug & Play Architecture for easy integration and customization
  • Customized Rule management for vendor to set-up exciting travel offers & weekend pricing
Technology Utilized
  • Dot Net Core
  • Blazer Framework
  • Azure
  • Azure Blob
  • SQL Server

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