Problem Statement

A Taiwan based Networking Test & Measurement Equipment company wanted to address the challenge pertaining to Hazardous situation due to Cables Fire, especially when the current passing through the cables surpasses the defined threshold value.

Reduced Fire Hazards
Increased Environmental Safety
Advanced Decision Making
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Implemented an end-to-end Systems named Smart PoE Patch Panel where the end goal is Continuous and precise measurement of DC current of PoE cable conductor to increase the fire safety for Data Centers
  • Supported multiple cables types such as Cat5. Cat6 etc. Each cable had their own characteristics and defined range
  • Smart circuit breaker like functionality to reduce over-heating and fire hazard situation
  • Predictive temperature calculation for the cable bundle based on PoE current and cable type
  • OTA Firmware upgrade
  • WPF based application for Infrastructure team for configuration, monitoring and analysis
  • Scalable and serverless cloud architecture for data analytics, smart notification and remote monitoring
Technology Utilized
  • STM based Hardware Board Design & Development
  • Modbus protocol implementation
  • WPF and Web API
  • Azure Cloud ready, Power BI analytics