Problem Statement

A Singapore based Test & Measurement Equipment provider required assistance with enhancing their device’s performance and add remote management. They were looking to collaborate with a partner that has a strong Embedded Software Engineering Capability and deep understanding related to Test & Measurement domain.

Enhanced Device Productivity
Simplified Testing & Measurement Needs
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Meticulously analyzed the Network Cable Tester and Certifier Parameters to achieve the measurement criteria as per the defined standards.
  • Porting linux on a Customized Board having ARM processor
  • Device driver development to enable Ethernet, USB Audio in out and USB Camera application
  • Root File System customization to support RNDIS Ethernet
  • DHCP Server configuration to provide IP Address to the machine using ethernet over USB
  • Implemented a GUI using QT for device configuration and test and measurement usage
  • OS upgrade process over Ethernet, USB, SD Card and FTP
  • Cloud solution for managing test result, device licensing and remote project configuration
Technology Utilized
  • QT, Linux, C, C++
  • AngularJS
  • Python and MySQL for Cloud development
  • AWS EC2

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