Problem Statement

A US based Disruptive Incubator technology company was looking to address the challenge of Infant Mortality Rate in the underdeveloped and under-privileged areas. The end goal had been to implement a Cost-Effective Incubator to monitor & control Parameters such as Jaundice Light, Humidity, Intensity, Temperature etc., to address a Baby’s condition in real-time.

Reduction in Infant Mortality Rate
Moral Boost for Baby’s Parents
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Feasibility study for the Self-managed Incubator System​
  • Solution using Sensor Network, Customized Machine Gateway, Cloud Platform Services
  • Android OS customization for monitoring, managing & controlling various integrated Ambient Control Devices
  • Cloud based scalable and fault tolerant architecture.
  • Implemented android tablet app for medical staff to set up incubator parameters and controlling devices such as fan, heater, heat-pad, treatment light, humidity and temperature.
  • Temperature/Humidity measurement, control and monitor for Incubator Dome and Heater
  • Monitoring temperature for Baby's Skin and Body
  • Configurable Jaundice light treatment as per intensity and time of day
  • Fan-speed Control as per Temperature/Humidity to assure ventilation.
  • Camera System to detect whether Incubator is Vacant or Occupied
  • Two-way Secured Communication and Event/Alert Notification for Dome Temperature, Dome Humidity, Baby Body Temperature configured as per range, intervals, and other priorities.
  • Real-time Dashboard Management and Advance Scientific Analytics​
  • Treatment data collection through tablet and pushing data to cloud for treatment data analysis​.
  • User Interface depicts parameters such as Baby's Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen and Respiration
  • Recommended Configuration settings for the GUI based on Baby's Information such as birthweight, gestation-age, date of birth etc.
Technologies Utilized
  • C++ for Firmware Design & Development
  • STM32 based custom Hardware Design
  • Android based monitoring HMI solution for Remote Monitoring of Baby Vitals
  • UART based communication between android and Hardware
  • Temperature sensor, UV lights, Fan, Humidifier, Heater integration for ambient monitoring and control and various baby vital related sensors