Problem Statement

A Tier 1 Infrastructure development firm faced significant challenges with managing their On-Site Resources, as the process was manual, Intermediate Network Connectivity which further led to poor time management. Additionally, they were also looking to intelligently manage their Data Repository and Vehicle Fuel Consumption for better process management.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
Reduced Fuel Wastage
Reduced noncompliance during audit
Effective Time Management
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Implemented a customized Web & Mobile based Platform JustTrackers, to streamline the quality check operational processes
  • QR code based check-in/check-out system in Mobile Application for remote sites
  • Tablet based attendance reporting kiosk to manage multiple sites in offline and online mode.
  • Employee Management, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Fuel Consumption & Planning, Resource Planning and Document Management System
  • Customization to access information such as vehicle type, vehicle number, fueling frequency, location, people, day & time and more
  • Application Development Services on the Cloud
  • Intelligent analytics for Operational Enhancement
  • Real-time monitoring for assets, resources, and information
  • Measure parameters such as fuel inward & outward flow, fuel storage & spillage
Technology Utilized
  • SQL Server
  • React-Native
  • Web API
  • Android and iOS

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