Problem Statement

In order to prioritize their worker’s safety, an Oil & Gas Company had requirements to create an Automation System, which monitors their device’s health, collect data from the various devices and transfer it to their base station and also the end goal had been to further achieve Optimized Production Efficiency Results.

Increased Safety & Performance
Eradicated Human Intervention
Real-Time Analysis and Improvisation
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Feasibility analysis and check for usage of various sensors
  • Implemented devices for Tank Roof Health monitoring, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring, Resistance Measurement, Vibration Measurement, Lubricant Oil Level measurement, Electric Current Measurement
  • Designed & Developed Xbee Wireless Mess Network to collect data from various sensor devices
  • Supported IEC 60079-11 standard and PESO certification
  • HAL layer and development of various libraries’ for multiple sensors such as Accelerometer, Gyroscope, temperature sensors, various Distance Sensors, Earth-Pit Measurement Sensor and Vibration Measurement Sensor
  • Implemented Configurations Mechanism, Daily Routine Mechanism, Logging Mechanism and Battery Monitoring Mechanism
    • Daily Routine Mechanism - Gathers and sends data to the central Gateway
    • Error Mechanism - To report error to the Gateway in Real-time especially during critical scenarios
    • Battery Monitoring Mechanism - Alerts notifications regarding battery health and longevity (Specifically applied in Hazardous area)
    • Configuration Mechanism - Flexible configuration for devices
  • Secured Wireless Communication with encrypted data using Zigbee stack protocol
  • Web-Based Dashboard which displayed data in real-time from multiple site locations across the globe
Technology Utilized
  • Zigbee stack to enable Mesh Connectivity
  • C language
  • MsSQL