Problem Statement

A Fortune 500 Warehouse Management company faced challenged with managing the Ware-House storage data for the collected pallets.

Decreased Pallet Rejection Rate
Better Ware-House Management
Increased Operational Efficiency
How Arastu Systems helped?
  • Feasibility Analysis for connectivity and easy usage
  • Integrated Sensors for the respective Lines
  • Enabled Automatic pallet data collection from storage inbound line, rejection line, output line, output rejection line
  • Identify defective pallet originated production line and machine
  • Realtime storage pallet traffic monitoring on web, mobile and TV
  • Facilitated Mobile Alert and Notification
  • Intelligent Analytics to enable Predictive Maintenance
Technology Utilized
  • ARM processor based Edge device as a bridge between sensors and Cloud
  • Banner Photoelectric sensors, Barcode reader & Camera integration
  • NodeJS based Edge Software on edge device
  • Mobile and JavaScript based Web UI Platform
  • Rest API & MQTT Protocol