How did we help to solve the problem?
  • Web Application developed using Dot Net Core to manage Production Line Efficiency, which includes Production Schedule, Inventory & Ware-House Management
  • Integration Services to connect and enable communication between various Quality Check Equipment’s such as Furnees and Techna (Leak Tester Devices)
  • Application Modernization to migrate from Traditional System to Dot Net Core Framework
  • Automated capturing of Quality Check results from QC Equipment's and update the Inventory accordingly
  • Implemented Tablet Application for Warehouse Managers and Operators to manager Assets’ Inflow & Outflow
What technologies did we utilize?
  • .netCore for Web Application
  • RestAPI's
  • ModBus & TCP Socket Protocol to establish communication with QC Devices
  • Windows Services
  • Xamarin for Mobile Applications,
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX
  • Process Automation for Seamless Operational Flow
  • Reduced Hunan Intervention and Errors thereby facilitating faster Turn-Around

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