Customer’s Needs: 
Fortune 500 Food & Beverages Company looking for a solution to improve Sustainability and achieve Operational Excellence.

How Arastu helped:

  • Feasibility study of the existing Production System
  • Designed and developed solution using Sensor Network, Customized Machine Gateway, Arastu’s Cloud Platform Services
  • Developed Responsive and User-Friendly Web App
  • Mobile Apps for remote monitoring and alert notification
  • Designed Live Analytical Dashboard for Management
  • Advance Analytics for Production Downtime Analysis, MTTB, MTTR, ME, SLE

Key Implemented Features:

  • High Speed Sensor network to capture actual production
  • Customized Machine Gateway to securely push data on cloud
  • Live Dashboard of multiple production Lines on production floor
  • Machine Efficiency and System Line Efficiency Monitoring
  • Online Production Logbook for Operator and Supervisor
  • Production Downtime Root Cause Analysis and Action
  • Derive Key Performance Indicator – MTBF and MTTR
  • Cloud based scalable and fault tolerant architecture
  • Two-way communication and Event Notification
  • Secured Communication, OATH2 base Authentication