Automated Production Reporting System (APRS)

Customer’s Needs:  A Fortune 500 Food & Beverages Company looking for a solution to improve Sustainability and achieve Operational Excellence. How Arastu helped: Feasibility study of the existing Production System Designed and developed solution using Sensor Network, Customized Machine Gateway, Arastu’s Cloud Platform Services Developed Responsive and User-Friendly Web App Mobile Apps for remote… Read more “Automated Production Reporting System (APRS)”

Connected Living – IoT Case Study for Smart Homes

Customer’s Needs:  A leader in security systems provider in the domain of Home Security wanted to make server-side platform scalable to support more than a Million Home Users, perform Remote Device Management and Smart Rule Engine for Edge Devices & Cloud. How Arastu helped: Leveraged Arastu’s IoT Framework Solution Accelerator… Read more “Connected Living – IoT Case Study for Smart Homes”

Smart Meter

Customer’s Needs: A leading Energy Instrument Manufacturer wanted to expand their current metering infrastructure to capture exhaustive data points for Asset Monitoring, Analysis and Preventive Maintenance. How Arastu helped: Consulting and Integration Services Designed an end-to-end solution Design Module to extend existing metering endpoints AWS platform services implementation Developed real-time… Read more “Smart Meter”