Arastu Systems is actively helping customer to adopt cloud technologies and leverage complete benefits of public and hybrid cloud through a set of services, methodologies and tools. We works with customers to help them understand potential drivers for cloud adoption and define a supporting business case to realize the full benefits of operating on a cloud environment. Arastu’s robust and mature cloud enablement approach helps customer envisage the roadmap for successful enablement and adoption of cloud computing technologies.

We adopt a three step approach to help you achieve cloud enablement,

  1. Roadmap Definition
  2. Building and Integration
  3. Deployment and Optimization


Arastu offers the following services to make your cloud enablement successful,

  • Migration to AWS:Arastu’s competent and skilled team assists with transforming and migrating existing application to AWS Cloud and refractor them to keep application running with better performance. Arastu also know how to augment cloud capacity and optimize transformation project. Arastu having deep expiring with AWS platform services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, Kinesis, SQS, SWF, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CloudTrail.
  • DevOps on Cloud:Arastu Systems provides services to make your applications scalable, reliable and make your developer more productive. We work with customer’s developer and IT operation teams to leverage tools and processes that makes your development process more efficient and drastically improves the software quality. Arastu provides help to create a pilot framework to kick-start implementation of standard DevOps setup. We also leverage your existing tools and integrate with either open source or enterprise tools to make continuous delivery successful.

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