Schedule Based Verification

In these highly competent times, the need of the hour is to provide a step higher than just a functionally verified IP. A functionally verified IP is great to begin with, but clubbing it with features such as to maximize system performance and minimize the power utilization is an absolute… Read more “Schedule Based Verification”

Tech Overhaul: An Ode to Faster Memories

If you want to know a person’s ‘true’ side, give him or her a ‘slow’ computing device! This might sound like a joke but most people assume a ‘demonic’ avatar when they aren’t able to view videos, emails or play games on their hand-held gadgets such as phones or tablets… Read more “Tech Overhaul: An Ode to Faster Memories”

Improving Performance and Verification of a System Through an Intelligent Testbench

INTRODUCTION The need for intelligent verification is the outcome of a two decade long pre-silicon verification process. Intelligent testbench automation, which is a supplement of intelligent verification, is a step closer towards achieving more confidence in design with minimal engineering effort. Applications today demand diverse functionality, which results in complex… Read more “Improving Performance and Verification of a System Through an Intelligent Testbench”

The Advent of Automobile Technology

*(Image Courtesy: Author – Umesh Patel, CEO, Arastu Systems Technology has spread its wings in almost all spheres of life that we see around us. Not so long ago, was a time when cars came equipped with plain electromagnetic dials that served to indicate just the speed or fuel… Read more “The Advent of Automobile Technology”

LPDDR4: Now and for Next Generation

The demand for smarter, power efficient and wallet friendly gadgets is almost never ending! Countless applications offered by such high end gadgets have brought the world to the consumer’s finger tips, thus making this industry an ever booming one. In order to have life like displays, faster processing speeds, better… Read more “LPDDR4: Now and for Next Generation”